Aroma Oil Massage (Part 1)

2008.4.10 Singaporian Female 30's
My experience at Essence k was blissful.
Kay is extremely experienced. You complete a form when you visit
her for the first time and she delivers the perfect pressure
and strokes according to the scale you indicated. She is
superb in detecting the sensitivity, pains and reactions of
your body, and will treat your body accordingly. She also
offers a wide range of aromatherapy oils which she can
combine to address your body needs.

In addition, her massage is a minimum of 80 minutes,
which is lovely compared to the 60 minutes massage
commonly offered elsewhere.

At the end of the massage, she offers sweet, ginger-
lemongrass tea and herbal sweet to help detox and warm the body.

Although there is no shower facilities like most
fancy-pants massage salons, I have absolutely no
issues with that as I tend to shower before attending
massage appointments. Also I like to leave the nourishing
massage oil on my skin.

Nothing irks me more than massage therapists who
dig their fingernails into your skin, provide limpy strokes
and touches, with lack of sensitivity to the nuances of
body pains and reactions.

I am delighted to have found this cozy little massage
place as this concludes my search for an experienced,
qualified massage therapist. The fact that Kay is able to
express herself in good English is a plus! I look forward
to my next visit.

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