Aroma Advance Body Balance (Part 1)

2008. 7.25 American Male 30's
Highly, highly recommended. Kaori-san is the most talented massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her detailed knowledge of anatomy, precise explanations and recommendations, surprising strength, and comfortable office are a winning combination. Once you have had a massage at Essence K, you'll wonder why you ever bothered going anywhere else. She's so good, in fact, it's tempting to try to keep her a secret... In the end, though, talent this rare deserves to be recognized.

2008.6.16 American Male 60's
My search for an excellant massage therapist is over!
K at "essence k" is the most professional, skilled, and qualified massage therapist I have found in Tokyo. Her touch, pressure and knowledge of her profession, including various methods and practices that make her treatment unique, is both therapeutic and healing. I am convinced she is naturally gifted with diagnostic hands. It is great to have finally found the perfect massage therapist who's massage gives a noticeable and measurable sense of well being.

2008.4.9 New Zealander Women 30's
Kay has magic hands. I started seeing Kay not long
after I arrived in Tokyo and had a very tight and
uncomfortable lower back and pain in my legs
when I walked long distances. Even after a couple
of sessions I noticed a significant improvement.
I'd recommend her services - she is very good at helping
you figure out what your body needs to feel its best!

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